The problem with search engines

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The whole world is following the search trend. Everyone is ranting and raving about how search engies changed how we looked at the world. The opitomy of success.I tend to disagree. Do search engines deliver the best of the search results? Or does it give you a version of what you want watered down by sneaky Search Engine Optimisation tactics?

Everyone knows that to have an effective website you need to be ranked in the top 10 of the search engines. But think about it, does that really mean you have an effective website? I took the opportunity to search “web design” and look at the top 10 web sites that was listed. One would think that people who specialise in web design would have the best sites, no?

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. Search engines rank sites via ‘n algorithm that looks at a whole load of different key words in the content and what type of sites link to your site and what links out of your site. This means that the 10 sites that list at the top of the “web design” search query are no where near the top 10 companies that offer web design as a service. At the risk of sounding extremely harsh, after looking at some of them the only thing they have in common with the words web design is the fact that you can find them on the web.

Sadly, high listing on these keywords means more traffic, more traffic means more leads, more leads means more sales. But that doesn’t mean you spent your money with the best company, it only means you spent your money with the company with the best Search Engine Optimisation plan.

The moral of the story here is, do your research properly. Find a company and look at their portfolio and compare that to what the industry is doing. Reference websites like to see what the best are doing. That doesn’t mean you need to spend millions on a website, but at least you know what the best are doing and can use that as a starting point. Rather work from the top down then from the bottom up when it comes to spending your money.


Shapeshift New Media

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The company I work for has decided to start their own Corporate blog.

Go check it out at:

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Google usually changes its logo appearance on special occasions and Valentines Day is not exempted.

Google Valentines Logo

But wait, do I read it Google? It seems like letter “L” is missing. Maybe it’s the stem of the strawberry or the melting chocolate is it.

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