Flash on a Shoestring

June 27, 2007 at 3:21 am | Posted in Coding, Open Source | Leave a comment

I’ve recently stumbled onto to OSFlash in my quest to eliminate my need for Windows entirely. For a while I’ve desired an open source solution to Flash development – ever since I was a teenager and downloaded my first Flash 4 trial, I’ve been into Flash, and marveled at it’s possibilities. Since then, I’m fortunate enough to have worked with a software development company and got to use one of their enterprise licenses for my personal use.

But for the self-start web developer, using Flash legally isn’t very feasible, especially when you need to pull out the big guns for your first few portfolio sites, and haven’t got any money to buy Flash.

So, OSFlash will show you how you can make Flash files for free, and I think it’s cool. The only caveat is that it only compiles Actionscript into a SWF. If you can’t yet code everything in Actionscript, then you’re not going to be able to use these tools efficiently. But it’s well worth the hassle to learn it top to bottom, because not only will it strealine your Flash files, but you’ll gain a greater granular control over your SWF files.


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